L33t Aardwolf Premium Plugins (Preview)

The following is a list of plugins that are available to PREMIUM subscribers. When you subscribe to l33t Premium, all of the current and future plugins will be accessible to you through lpm.

l33t_bonuslooter (v0.04) by Ruhamah (https://aard.l33t.xyz)

l33t Bonus Looter


l33t bonuslooter [help] - Displays help
lbonus help - Displays help
lbonus channel - Channel to announce looted items
lbonus echo <bonuslevel> - Sets the level to announce to channel
Set to 0 to disable.
lbonus [list] - Lists bonusloot bag mappings
lbonus set <bonusLevel> <bagKW> - Sets targeted bag as the autosort
bag for bonusloot items of
that level or higher
lbonus unset <bonusLevel> - Unsets the autosort bag for level

l33t_clantalk_relay (v0.05) by Ruhamah (https://aard.l33t.xyz)

This plugin installs triggers that will echo messages from clantalk
to the clan Discord server.


lct [help] - Displays help
lct discord <id> <token> - Set Discord webhook
l33t_keyring (v0.03) by Ruhamah (https://aard.l33t.xyz)

l33t Keyring deduplicates keys in a container, and places a single
copy on your keyring. Extra keys are unkept and placed back into the
bag so that they can be sold or dropped and sacrificed.

Items that have a unique object flag will be added to the keyring first.


lkeyring container <containerId>
- Set container id as holder of keys.

lkeyring dedup
- Deduplicates keys

lkeyring reset
- Use this command if the dedup process is interrupted or
the output of identify, bid, are broken
- Alternately, type 'id <anything>' to resume if it gets stuck.

lkeyring help
- Displays help

lkeyring debug <on|off>
- Turn debugging on or off.

l33t_mapper_plus (v0.07) by Ruhamah (https://aard.l33t.xyz)

l33t Mapper Plus provides extensions on top of the Aard MUSH mapper.

The default mapper command only provides `mapper find`,
to search all rooms, or `mapper area`, to search rooms only in your
current area.


l33t mapper plus [help] - Displays help
lmapper help

lmapper area <roomSearchPhrase>@<areaKeyword>
Searches for a room in a specific area

lmapper area "The Library"@verdure
lmapper area library@verdure
lmapper area "The Grand City of Aylor"@aylor

lmapper exitto <room>
Checks exits in current room, and moves toward <room>.
Useful for maze rooms.

lmapper exitto Before the Grand Gates of Castle Vlad-Shamir

To set up a cexit:
mapper cexit lmapper exitto Before the Grand Gates of Castle Vlad-Shamir;;exits;;wait(0.1)

lmapper *
All other lmapper commands pass through to regular mapper.

l33t_pk (v0.02) by Ruhamah (https://aard.l33t.xyz)

l33t PK Assistant shares alerts to clannies and groupiess when you
are PKing and are under attack, or when you land critical spells.


l33t pk [help] - Displays help
lpk [help] - Displays help

lpk - Displays plugin settings

lpk channel - Displays the current channel
lpk channel <channel> - Set the channel to send alerts to
(default: gt)


To obtain your own unlock code for a l33t Premium subscribtion, send a tell to Ruhamah in the game. There is a nominal cost (TP/gold) to help support the ongoing development and hosting of l33t Premium Plugins.