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Submitted by Ruhamah on May 17, 2020, 6:15 a.m. UTC

@g-------------------------@W[ @CSaraid's Description @W]@g------------------------- @w| @BArist (@GAtaman@B) tells the CLAN: 'I propose that we change the clan deity from Devel@B to 'Kitty's Spellup'' @w| @Y(@WGroup@Y) Talks Too Much: 'knitting bots!' @w| @G(Friend) Inquisitor Arist@c: 'I'm glad we only got the watchmen logo, if we got @R[@GRom@Gani@R] @cI might have had to freeze myself for a week. @R[@GWe Wuv Tela@R]@c would make me dele@cte.' @w| @G(Friend) IronKzinti Chuft@c: 'now if only I could write a bot powered by much's ego,@c I'd be t9 tomorrow!' @w| @Y(@WGroup@Y) Watlok: 'doing over 100 pups in a day is an automatic outcast in my clan :@YP' @w| Cowman paid me 9 tps (aww *smooch cowman*) @w| @G(Friend) Buffy BovineMan@g:@C 'Vortex is exping @Cso fast that I feel like I have failed@C @Cas a mudder and a man.' @w| @G(Friend) OneTrueBob Xyzzy@g:@C 'how about as a @Ccow?' @w| @G(Friend) Buffy BovineMan@g:@C 'That, I'm ok :b' @w| @YXyzzy@w and @YVitae@w are proud to announce they are the Fathers....err..Uncles of @WKharp@Wern's@w little "@Cangel@w" to be. @RCongratulations@w on that lucky sechs @WKHARPERN@w! @g--------------------------------------------------------------------------

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