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Submitted by Ruhamah on May 19, 2020, 4:36 a.m. UTC

@g--------------------------@W[ @CShaya's Description @W]@g------------------------- @w| @w| @CWeapon Tempers for sale @w| @w| @C* @wTempering is perfectly safe for Aardweapons and all metal-based weapons. @w| @C* @wI can temper any level weapon, even max enchanted T9 weapons! @w| @C* @wI have 600 str, dex and luck. (These are the stats needed for tempering.) @w| @w| @C* @wTempering on demand will cost 500k gold, but I may be afk - tells welcome. @w| @C* @wSpecial offers will be announced on Barter occassionally, so keep an eye out. @w| @w| @C* @WFree Tempers for T0's and T1's with a choice of the following stock ores: @w| @w| @c crystalised iron ore, quicksilver threaded ore, glowing white ore, @w| @c deep green ore, fossilized bone ore, jet black ore. @w| @w| @W* @CLimited stocks of blue tinted ore and poison ore are available. @w| @w| @C* @WDepending on the ore used, the tempers can last from mere hours up to 19 days! @w| @C* @WThe temper timer does not count down if you log out. @w| @w| @CWARNING!!! @wOnce you temper you don't go back - it is very addictive! @w| @g--------------------------------------------------------------------------

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