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Submitted by Ruhamah on June 6, 2020, 3:38 a.m. UTC

@BClan hall @Wof @GBeer @RDrinking @YFriends @w As you walk along the dark alley something catches your eye off to the side, @wyou notice a hand carved oaken sign hanging just above a seemingly plain @wwooden door with rusted metal bands running horizontaly across at the top @wand bottom and a small red doorbell dead center of the door. The sign @wmust have taken a lot of skill and time to complete, it reads: @w=======================================================\ @w=======================================================/ @w 8 8 @w 8 8 @w ______8____________________________8________ @w | | @w | | @w | @BClan hall @Wof @GBeer @RDrinking @YFriends@w | @w | | @w \__________________________________________/ @w @w As you take the time to gaze upon the sign and doorway to this @wentrance you faintly hear the sounds of laughter coming from within @wfollowed by the clanging of mugs and then laughter again. There is a @wheavy aroma of meads and ales which permeates the air all around. As @wyou listen closer you also here the banging of metal inside, could it @wbe a fight? While listening you notice there is no door handle on this @wdoor you also note a mat on the ground before the door reading: @w @w @w _////////////////////////////////////////_ @w | | @w | @GBeer, @RFriends, Fights@w, and @YFun Welcome@w | @w |__________________________________________| @w @w @wMaybe you should see whats going on inside, by ringing the doorbell.

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