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Submitted by Ruhamah on May 17, 2020, 3:27 p.m. UTC

@g-------------------------@W[ @CCrowley's Description @W]@g------------------------ @w| Even my dumb shit is too much for you intellectually. @w| @w| It's not about @Glike@w, @Rhatred@w, or @Mlust @w| It's not about betrayal, @Cloyalty@w, or @Ytrust @w| It's about who's still standing in the end. @w| @w| There are @x202fires@w, vast and endless, that @x202burn@w in me for @Gyou@w. @w| And I will carry them until @Gyou@w are ready to walk through the @x202flames @w| of me. ~ @YWilliam C. Hannan @w| @w| @x111He looked at me and asked, @x214"What is punk?" @w| @x147I said, @x217"Punk is a lifestyle." @w| @x111He said, @x214"Show me punk." @w| @x147I kicked over a trash can and said, @x217"That is punk." @w| @x111He looked at me, kicked over a trash can and asked, @x214"Is that punk?" @w| @x147I responded, @x217"No, that is trendy." @w| @w| Be more concerned about your @Gcharacter@w than your @Rreputation@w, because your @w| @Gcharacter @wis what you really are, while your @Rreputation @wis merely what others @w| think you are. @M(@CJohn Wooden@M) @w| @w| Run 51: Both portal and first soul. @w| Run 64: 2nd soul @g--------------------------------------------------------------------------

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