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Submitted by Ruhamah on Aug. 18, 2020, 9:12 p.m. UTC

@w @C [ Quick Auction, Inc. (TM) - Current List of Inventory ] @C @GNum Seller Item Description Lvl Last Bid Time @W--- ------------ ----------------------------------- --- ------------- ---- @R631@w - Rhuli @CRhuli's Auction Reward Item (@YSee De@w 1 @R1,000,000,000@G 76 @W------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @wType: 'Bid <num>' to see stats and 'Bid <num> <amount>' to bid on an item. @w @w+-----------------------------------------------------------------+ @w| @RKeywords@w : @Wrhuli special auction item reward @w| @w| @RName@w : @CRhuli's Auction Reward Item (@YSee Desc@C)@w | @w| @RId@w : 1923981986 | @w| @cType@w : @WTreasure @cLevel @w: @W 1 @w| @w| @cWorth @w : @W5 @cWeight @w: @W 1 @w| @w| @cScore @w: @Y0 @w| @w| @cMaterial@w : @Worganic @w| @w| @cFlags @w : @Wmagic, auctioned, V3 @w| @w| @GFound at @w : @MImmortal Homes @w| @w+-----------------------------------------------------------------+ @w| If this auction stays alive for 10 minutes, the winner of the | @w| auction will win their bid back, plus 10,000,000 gold! If the | @w| auction dies before then, no reward is given. @RThis only@w | @w| @Rapplies if Rhuli is the@w @Rperson auctioning the item.@w Good | @w| luck! | @w+-----------------------------------------------------------------+ @wCurrent bid on this item is @Y1,000,000,000@w gold (Lasher). @W[18 Aug 16:55:57]@w @YRhuli barters:@w Bid 631 to see details of the current game. Good luck. @W[18 Aug 17:00:34]@w @YRhuli barters:@w @C5 minutes have passed!@W :o) @W[18 Aug 17:04:43]@w @YZyanya barters:@w grumble @W[18 Aug 17:04:48]@w @YZyanya barters:@w silly T9s @W[18 Aug 17:05:34]@w @YRhuli barters:@w @CThe 10 minutes has passed! Now, whoever @Wwins the auction @Cg@Cets their bid back, PLUS @Y10 mil@C! Good luck. @W[18 Aug 17:06:35]@w @YRhuli barters:@w brb - this may take a while. @W[18 Aug 17:08:11]@w @YAkira barters:@w omg you guys passed up 69,696,969 @W[18 Aug 17:08:19]@w @YAkira barters:@w not nice @W[18 Aug 17:08:36]@w @YQuadrapus barters:@w lol @W[18 Aug 17:09:45]@w @YRuhamah barters:@w when was this item auctioned? @W[18 Aug 17:12:47]@w @YRuhamah barters:@w wow, bid higher than lasher would be like, driving past @wa police car on the freeway that is going too slow @W[18 Aug 17:13:06]@w @YCastiel barters:@w Please fix. Auction, Inc. (TM) is only authorized for sa@wles up to 1 billion gold. @W[18 Aug 17:13:15]@w @YGrimvald barters:@w this would be a mean april fool's joke @W[18 Aug 17:13:54]@w @YTurie barters:@w Who says it was not. @W[18 Aug 17:13:55]@w @YVirion barters:@w who's that Lasher guy? @W[18 Aug 17:13:59]@w @YLasher barters:@w Someone thought they were working at the whitehouse and w@wanted to give a free 10m to whoever on the MUD already had the most cash. @W[18 Aug 17:14:08]@w @YPringle barters:@w lmao @W[18 Aug 17:14:13]@w @YQuadrapus barters:@w lol @W[18 Aug 17:14:43]@w @YDekkster barters:@w That's 36,630 for each player online :p @W[18 Aug 17:15:07]@w @YMushambo barters:@w I don't think "our types" glorify greed. I don't at lea@wst @W[18 Aug 17:15:13]@w @YVirion barters:@w ya, spread the wealth @W[18 Aug 17:15:17]@w @YAkira barters:@w paid for that with all the WOLF-pac lottery winnings @W[18 Aug 17:15:42]@w @YNegader barters:@w put another one up rhuli, while lasher has his head turn@wed.

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